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We are Price Termite & Pest, the trusted professionals that guarantee to rid your home or business of unwanted pests. Its more than a job to protect you from unwanted pests. We’ve been protecting West Palm and the surrounding areas homes and businesses from unwanted pests, bugs, insects and animals. Not every home or property will suffer from the same problem which is why no property is protected the same where our services are concerned. We can help you to get rid of pest concerns, now and also in the long term, using our exceptional, pest management treatments.

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Common Pests

There are many pests we will remedy and techniques that will actually discourage pests from invading once again down the road. Rodents are frequently handled by the home owner initially and if defeated they will contact us. Just one great reason to choose our rodent control solutions is we will work to distinguish where the rodents are entering in at, suggesting the best strategy for sealing or fixing the entry point. Many individuals are not aware that this is certainly an effective solution to avoiding pest problems; not just for rats and mice. Rodents certainly are a pest you want to take action on immediately otherwise they might start a family and mate easily, making their invasion much more serious. Such spots they prefer to hide inside and contaminate consist of attics, inside walls, among floors, and so on. With the amount of rain we get in south Florida a major concern is disease and medical issues that come from mosquito bites, you need to ensure that there is no standing water in your gardens that can be a breeding ground for mosquito larva.

Yet another unwanted pest, roaches, can be quite challenging to get rid of. Roaches conform to their atmosphere so it is not like they will not live in certain places; they can. Bed bugs are actually a more apparent pest here recently in West Palm and also the nearby cities. Serious bed bug infestations should be addressed by the epa (this is something your professional pest control company will do)  They’re a troublesome pest that isn’t very easily addressed and removed. Bed bug solutions could certainly be costly due to amount of treatments involved and the fact that they are able to multiply effortlessly within a property. As you noticed the bed bugs in one room, doesn’t imply that they have not made their way into a close room with out you noticing. Not only are bed bugs a major pest problem, but we are seeing an increase of roaches, termites , wasps and hornet nests.

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When you select Price Termite & Pest you’ll be able to stop being concerned about pest invasions and rely on us control them. We will explain the procedure of treating your pest issue and present quotes for the kind of service you choose; one-time, per month, bi-monthly, every quarter as well as on a yearly basis. We provide inspections for particular pest issues in order to offer a fair and straightforward price quote to remedy your property. Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call at (561)693-0604 right now and we will respond to them for you.


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