Millipede Control

You can find particular kinds of millipedes that are commonly discovered in West Palm Beach, FL but will be brownish and 2.5 to 4 centimeters long. It is easy to determine them by observing their two sections have 2 pairs of legs.

These particular small unwanted pests will lay offspring in the soil and take two years time to become entirely developed and also have a comparatively good lifespan of quite a few years.

West Palm Beach Millipedes

millipede control west palm beach fl

When reducing millipede infestation, it is important to check out every access points.

It’s not at all uncommon to find a millipede both inside and outside your house. When seen indoors, they’re going to most likely be found in moistened areas. Outside the house they tend to appreciate flowers and home gardens. You’re likely to spot millipedes outside of your property when you have mulch or foliage close to outside walls. If the earth is moistened they are going to enjoy that environment. They feed upon decaying timber and foliage.

The Actions of West Palm Beach Millipedes

Come Fall months, you will start spotting the millipedes start to migrate, leaving the habitat they’ve called home over the past few months. Although experts suspect the millipedes are getting ready for wintry weather, migrating millipedes have also been noticed whenever their home gets flooded by intense rains. When migrating you may begin to observe the millipedes in your residence or business.

Millipede Sightings & Access Points

Should a millipede come across your house, they’ll very likely first take residence upon your patio area or deck. However, they don’t stop there. Whenever they have occupied your patio or porch, they can climb all over the external surfaces, searching for a way into the home and that is ordinarily a tiny opening that you’ve not noticed. Having said that, it is recommended to inspect the the seals on your doors and windows, vents, your garage doors, crawl space entry and cellar entries. If your garage or another storage area is loaded with boxes and other items, really clean regularly to protect yourself from millipedes from taking cover under your items and/or pieces of furniture.

Methods for Reducing West Palm Beach Millipede Invasions

  • Evaluate your exterior landscape and get rid of any excessive mulch. Ensure that a 6 inch space is in between the concrete foundation and any flowers or bushes. Including removing any compost, grass and old foliage right against the home’s exterior.
  • Examine every one of the screens at your house. Along with your property’s window screens, make sure that crawl space vent screens are in superior condition devoid of rips or damage that will make it easy for pest entry.
  • The access door should seal tightly and completely, allowing for no wiggle room for unwelcome pests to get in; since they will if they can.
  • Ensure the windows and doors contain weather stripping that is whole and without damage. Should you not have weather strip protection or it’s tattered the undesirable pests could easily enter in and it need to be addressed.
  • Basement doorways must also have weather stripping; if you’re able to notice a light shining from beneath the exterior door, the weather stripping should be changed.

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